Superstar Blogger award!

When I first accepted this award, I passed it on in it’s original form… but because of a personal grievance with the B#l#o#g@ Of the Y#e#a#r award, I choose to remove it’s name from my site, and delete all signs of it’s existence… thus making it an entirely different award! Ta da!

Many thanks to The Heretic for the nomination for this award! He has a bevy of posts that you want to go over and see right now– go on!  Sonic the Hedgehog and Peanuts featured in his two most recent, which pretty much emphasizes how cool he is– agreed?
superstar blogger award,Superstar Blogger Award Rules

  • Display the badge on your acceptance post.
  • Tell us 5 interesting things about yourself, or anything.
  • Pass the award on to whoever you want.

Five Things:

  1. I loved Boy Meets World.  A ton!
  2. I’m a Steven Moffat groupie, the way other people are Joss Whedon Groupies.
  3. I didn’t like Avatar. *yawn*
  4. I played Little Big Planet till my mind exploded, and then played some more.
  5. Unless a film is an entirely silent film, I don’t like more than 5 seconds of silence in a movie.

I hereby pass this award onto these bloggers:

WeeBeeBird: For fleeing a psycho so she could entertain us with frightfully honest stories and thoughts:

Misha Burnett: For writing a great book (a review of which is on it’s way) and for… well.. keeping it real:

My Rabbit Hole: For being honest, aware, and huggable:

Divina: Because nothing cheers me up like a properly creepy story:

DarkStarBurning: For the sort of honesty that makes you spit your lemonade out through your nose:

LoveHateHim: For the sort of honesty that makes you feel like you’re reading something you shouldn’t be! o_O

For those who I passed an award along, don’t feel obligated to do anything with it.   For my thoughts on blogging awards and why I participate, visit this post – > Sorry Goblin Queen, I’m Keeping This Award.

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    1. :D No problem! To display the award, you can download the appropriate image from the Blog of 2012 Award page: (To download, just right-mouse click and save the image to your desktop. Then upload it to your media library.) You can display the badge however you want– some just put it in the post, some put it on their side bar by using the IMAGE widget or the TEXT widget. :) Wow, that sounds complicated, but I promise it isn’t, ha! :) Let me know if there’s anyway I can help.

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        1. Haha! Loved this response. I entirely agree. Every time someone told me that I had to like Avatar because “at least it was something new”, I cringed. I did like the slide-on-leaves-like-rollercoasters scene, though.

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    1. :) No problem. Like I said, do with it what you wish. Or do what I do and change all the rules to suit your blog. Either way, know it was sincerely given and, to me, well-deserved. :)

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