superstar blogger award,

Superstar Blogger award!

When I first accepted this award, I passed it on in it’s original form… but because of a personal grievance with the B#l#o#g@ Of the Y#e#a#r award, I choose to remove it’s name from my site, and delete all signs of it’s existence… thus making it an entirely different award! Ta da!

Thanks to FrankfurtMalin for this award!  If you’re like me, you’ll have to go to her category page and click “Also in English” to get all her great posts translated for my English-only mind. :D  I am in awe of her multilingual capability and adventurers soul– not to mention she also finds times to be a great mom. :)

superstar blogger award,Superstar Blogger Award Rules

  • Display the badge on your acceptance post.
  • Tell us 5 interesting things about yourself, or anything.
  • Pass the award on to whoever you want.

Five Things:

  1. I actually speak Spanish and Italian… in a very non-understandable way.
  2. I’ve never want to be a mom, that I can remember, at least.
  3. I have 5 nieces and 3 nephews– yikes
  4. I don’t like traveling. I’m more of a “nester.
  5. I do, however, looooove hotels.  Great or awful, I’ll stay in one.

I hereby pass this award onto these bloggers:

GrannyK: For being fun, funny, and fabulous:

Tracy: For being so realistic and so glad, all at the same time:

Goldfish: Because even though she’s not a goldfish, she’s wicked funny:

April: Because the world needs more positive, but intellectual, thought:

Fay: For over-thinking in the most engaging, delightful way possible:

David Emeron: For making me happy, sad, and emotional– all from the impact of a few well-chosen words:

For those who I passed an award along, don’t feel obligated to do anything with it.   For my thoughts on blogging awards and why I participate, visit this post – > Sorry Goblin Queen, I’m Keeping This Award.

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    1. Yes, I’m all up for a long weekend getaway… but I’ve never been one to get excited about traveling somewhere that takes hours or days to get to. I can be coerced to do slightly longer travel if there’s a really, really great hotel though. :) (I don’t like Bed & Breakfast’s either– I love the idea of them, but they never seem to really pan out!)

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  1. Well done and congrats Rarasaur. A well deserved award for a blog I simply can’t resist :-) And thank you so much for nominating me and FEC-THis…. It means a lot.

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  2. Thank you so very much, dear lady; however I do not accept awards of any kind nor acknowledge nominations except to decline them; nor do I participate in poetry magazine or aggregation sites of any kind. My reasons for this are, perhaps too numerous to and perhaps also too convoluted for a tiny comment box such as this; however, as always I do, very much appreciate the lovely intentions that surely are behind such a sentiment.

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    1. Oh David, write a post about your reasons or send me an email (, and I’ll sway you to my side…. *makes evil witch finger movements like in the cartoons* :) Thanks for the appreciating the appreciation anyway, though! :D

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      1. Thank you very much and thank you very much yet again. This issue appears to be coming of often enough that It would probably make sense for me to write a long, ponderous, pedantically dull post regarding my reasons for this. Perhaps I shall do so in the not so distant future.

        I am quite in awe of these “powers” you posses. I believe my sweetest wife uses such powers on me as well, and I seem to be completely helpless in the face of them.

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        1. haha, yep! It’s uncoiled feminine power! And it’s truly frightening. :) Be sure to send me a link when you post it, just in case I miss it… though I do check in to your blog regularly. :)

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          1. Well, oddly, someone just… … found, and/or reminded me of a post, by way of linking to its main subject, that explains the aforementioned reticence at least partially, although, I will warn you in advance, that not only is this post rather ponderous, but as ponderous as it is, still it only deals with 1 or 1-1/2 of the handful of reasons I have for the above.

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