"Small foods" does not include kittens, even when they can fit in glassware.


“Small food” does not include kittens, even when they can fit in glassware.

Dear Sea-Otter-Searcher,

I’m so glad you keep finding my blog by searching for sea otters eating peanuts, and sea otters eating cheeseballs, and sea otters eating other fun things.  It’s possible all these searches are different people, but I’d like to think there’s just one awesome person out there who wants to see a picture of a sea otter eating every small food item available.  Let’s be friends.



Dear Followers,

I was so lazy on responding to blogger awards that I’m  queuing them all up for now till the end of November. Umm, plus any posts that I need to complete to meet my challenge goals. Sorry for the sound, fuss, and fury! I promise I’ll be quieter in December. What do you think– Once a day, once every other day? Once a week?



Dear Cats of the World,

How do you get to be so adorable?! You make the internet addictive.




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    1. :D Thanks! I’m on a post-spree today, I feel like it’s the Academy Awards in here. My only reassurance is that I think most people get to me via Reader rather than me inundating their inbox with emails, ha! :)

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        1. haha, oh no– so I definitely owe you an apology for the ruckus of today. And I’m not even done yet! Let’s see… as a prize for surviving me…. give me a word or thought and I’ll dedicate a blog post to you in December with that theme! :)

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          1. Aww, no apologies necessary at all! I get all the blogs I follow in email form, it’s fun that way. I work at home a lot, so when they come in it’s nice to take a break and read them :)

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  1. Have you seen the picture that proves that cats are liquid? I saved it on Pintrest, it is too funny. A photo of a cat inside a glass dish. Funny how they seem to fit into any vehicle they desire to lay within. Love the kitty photo.

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  2. Re: ‘Dear Sea Otter’…Google et al move in some very strange ways, I think…one of the recurring search terms for my blog for the first year was ‘stupid’ – or maybe that was just the web elves way to telling me to up my game?

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    1. haha! How random! I bet you used that word one time, or had a picture that had the word in it, and poof! :) I’m gonna say about 60% of my searches are for cute sea otters, sea otter puns, or sea otters in general. Random! :)

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