What I imagine the world to look like, if I rely solely on my husband's interpretations. (artwork:  "aaahhh!", acrylic on canvas, by grayson queen)

Go ahead, stick a Morton’s fork in it.

What I imagine the world to look like, if I rely solely on my husband's interpretations. (artwork:  "aaahhh!", acrylic on canvas, by grayson queen)

What I imagine the world to look like, if I rely solely on my husband’s interpretations. (artwork: “aaahhh!”, acrylic on canvas, by Grayson Queen)

If I had to choose between writing a blog and reading other peoples’ blogs, I’d go with reading other blogs– which is basically what I was doing until just 4 months ago.

You see, I’ve pretty much stopped reading the official news.  Without my blog feed, I’d be totally out of the loop.  I rely on blogs for insights into new psychological studies, interesting theories, and international happenings.

I suppose I could ask Dave, because he’s constantly updated on current affairs, but there’s an artist to non-artist translation error that happens when he reports current events.

Let’s just say, he isn’t exactly the most clear person in the entire world when it comes to news.  As an artist, he lives about 20% of the time in his own mind, and as a geek, he is disproportionate in his excitement about certain things.

I’ll amalgamate our recent conversations as an example:

Dave:  [chucking to himself happily] I knew those crazy kids were gonna get married.
Rara: [making coffee]  Aww, who’s getting married? And how dare they not tell me first?!
Dave: Sam and Joe.
Rara: [trying to remember Sam and Joe] The characters in your book? [sighing] Oi, Dave. It’s real life time until I’ve had my coffee! Read me the news.
Dave: I can read the news, my emails, and work at the same time.  There’s a big storm coming.
Rara: In your book?
Dave: No, in the world. They’re calling it Frankenstorm. Millions could be without power, trapped inside. And, oh, oh- oh my god. Oh!
Rara: What?! what? [spilling coffee] What’s happening?  Should I get the cat carrier and the apocalypse supplies?!
Dave: Disney might buy Star Wars.

I can’t depend entirely on that nonsense, and I’m certain I can’t go back to reading the depressing, propaganda-styled news.

I’ve kept a diary before and I can do it again.

So yes, if I had to choose– I’d stick a fork in this blog and go back to just reading other peoples’, though it would be a sad, sad day. ;)

What about you?

Daily Post: Morton’s Fork: If you had to choose between being able to write a blog (but not read others’) and being able to read others’ blogs (but not write your own), which would you pick? Why? http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/12/05/daily-prompt-17/

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  1. Oddly, I quit watching the news & reading the paper when my social networking pages kept getting bombarded by everything. With the broad scope of friends I have, I’m finding I get a pretty balanced report.

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  2. I think I am in the writing phase, and when I get bored of that I will just go back to reading.

    I love the picture on this post! “You’ll float away and like it, or else!”

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  3. What I would do is what I have done – avoid answering the question, avoid making the choice. Because reading blogs gives me pleasure, gives me chuckles and points of view I hadn’t considered. But writing also gives me pleasure, provides a needed outlet, and makes me feel included in a joyous world. I will not choose!

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    1. It’s my theme! “SIGHT”… I love everything about it except the fact that, sometimes, for no good reason, the posts show up with super tiny text. If you refresh or comment, it goes away… but it’s an annoying problem, ha! I’ve even gone so far as to try to pick another theme, but I’m just so attached to this one…

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