Weekly Photo Challenge: Home


Leave your shoes at the door, and make yourself at home!

Whenever I see a huge pile of shoes outside an open door, I feel like I could take mine off too, walk through the door, and be home.  Especially when they’re varied types of shoes– expensive loafers, slippers, flip flops, Birkenstocks, and light up tennis shoes.  That’s family, and family is home!

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Home  :  http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/02/08/photo-challenge-home/

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72 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

  1. One of my friends’ place is like my home so I kick off my shoes when I get there, no questions asked :) It just goes to show how comfortable a person can be in someone else’s place

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    • Oh yes, my Dutch friends also go around barefoot, :D I don’t make friends take off their shoes, but when they see a pile like that by the door, most people just go along with it. :D Thanks for your comments!

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  2. I love this. :) Our entryway sports quite the collection right now… Assorted shoes for a family of five- and boots for the weather as well. You could certainly lose your shoes in that pile and make yourself right at home!

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  3. Well, this is fairly perfect! When we visit family in Spain, we follow the tradition of keeping shoes on in the house and it fairly well kills me to do so.

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  4. I have a very dear friend, who comes to visit us with her children. Her kids are as close to have children of our own as we will ever know, and we love them dearly. It’s always a happy sight for me to see all the shoes piled up at the downstairs door. And always a very sad moment when all the shoes have gone again. Yes, I would say that’s a good sign of family and a home, and family doesn’t always have to be related.

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    • Oh exactly! In that picture, I was related by blood to maybe two of the shoe owners– but every one of them is family. :) What a lovely point, thank for you for popping by to share it. :)

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