Riddled Rara, Part IIII – Of Wood Chucks and Ravens

More questions were asked on my “Riddle Me This!” post. I would highly suggest following every single one of these lovely folk, even if it’s just to connect with them because they are all, obviously, wondrously active commentors who participate and contribute to the blogosphere!

Question from TheAsian :
How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? ;)

This is an answer you have to hear, not read:  How much wood?

praticallyQuestion from DavidPatrickOC :
I find the little imperfections in myself are what make me, if you could change (only a small one, nothing too deep) a habit, tic or physical flaw- mental blip, etc what would it be and what would you like it to become? If you were to ask your partner, what would he suggest…if he had sense he will say change nothing.

I agree with you about imperfections! I’m partial to even my smallest flaws.  There is something to be said for positive change, though.   I suppose if I could change anything, it would be my willingness to be in the spotlight. Sometimes I am afraid that my desire to stay out of the spotlight has caused suffering– maybe I could have helped solve problems if I took the flashier roles offered to me.

Dave, of course, would say I was already practically perfect in every way.

Nah, just kidding.  Dave and I started our relationship as friends and business partners, and the honesty that goes along with those roles has never diminished– not even when we became more.

If Dave was going to change something about me, it’d be my willingness to be completely ignorant on certain topics.  It’s not unusual to hear me say something completely daffy about the things I don’t really care about– football, science, driving, dogs, gardening.  For example, the other day I realized I didn’t know how lightning is created.  There are random chunks of knowledge missing from my brain for no other reason than I wasn’t interested enough at the time when I should have learned it.  The worst part is, once I decide it’s not important to me, it stays unimportant to me (usually).  So even after Dave painstakingly described lightning to me, I still couldn’t tell you why it happens.

Though I could probably make up a decent story about it…

Question from SortaGinger :

How is a raven like a writing desk? And, what advice would you give fledgling bloggers as far as making connections and finding an audience?

I always feel like it’s a slight to Lewis Carroll to answer his nonsensical riddle with anything other than “I haven’t the slightest idea” or “Monkey sushi trainset balooza!”.  But there are two answers to this riddle (not created by me) that I’ve always been fond of: “Poe wrote on both”, and “Because there is a B in both and a N in neither”.  Ah, wit. It is my favorite of characteristics.

I still feel like a fledgling blogger myself (a blodgling?).  Every blogger has different readers, and wants different types of readers, so universal rules usually don’t apply– but I do have one that does:  Fall a little bit in love with your readers.  Every single one.

If you do that, you’ll never undervalue them.  You’ll stop worrying about spam, pingbacks, copyright, word count, etc.  You’ll love their friends for loving them, and then their friends will probably love you for the same.  You’ll see your readers clearer– as their idealized self– and you’ll better sense how to talk to them and reach them, using the topics you already want to write about.

All that love will push you out into the ‘sphere more, and there you’ll find all sorts of wondrous folk just waiting for a reason to fall a little bit in love with you right back.

Good luck!


You can ask anything you want, too– the Riddle Me This post is still open for questions.

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  1. *gasp* no Rara! Not the dogs!
    Kidding. :)
    But I completely understand not caring about football, science, or gardening. I tried reading up on lightning about a week ago, nope, don’t care.

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    1. Haha! No, no, don’t get me wrong– I love dogs. I just don’t really care how they work. I know how many teeth cats have, and how their vision lets them see the world, and what any sort of bump anywhere could mean… but on a dog, I don’t even really know what they eat.

      I’m like that with plants too– they’re lovely things, but *sighs* trying to figure out what all the things mean tires me out. My brain just doesn’t want to store that information!

      I can count in hours how long ago Dave explained lightning to me and already the knowledge is gone. I’m gonna say that it’s made when the sun is eating his late night snack sloppily. Yep, lightning is sun spit. :)

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  2. As the proud owner of one of the last extant copies of “The Annotated Alice,” I am prepared to answer the riddle. The answer to “How is a raven like a writing desk?” is officially “Not.” Caroll did not intend it to be answered. It was nonsense and I’m sure he would (is?) be smiling still at how many people still puzzle over the question :-)

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    1. :D I agree completely. Like I said, I always feel like it’d irk Carroll to have anyone respond to his nonsense logically… but some answers are just too witty not to mention. I think he’d like the “Because there’s a B in both and an N in neither” answer, though… it’s almost as nonsensical as the question itself! :D

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  3. If i could change one thing about myself I would change my nose. I inherited a “family nose.” When I was getting my braces off, my orthodontist told me my new straight teeth would look better if I got my nose fixed. I’ve been self-conscious ever since.

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    1. That orthodontist should be glad I wasn’t in toe-squishing range. He definitely deserves a good stompin’. I’m sure your nose is positively perfect for your face! Besides, it’s probably an exact replica of one of your ancestors– how cool is that?! :)

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  4. Hmm. I thought the correct answer was “42″. But that is why I asked, to get the definitive answer.

    Blog love makes the world go round. And rawrLOVE, of course.

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