I like weird days.

Pennies and dollars.
Dollars and sense.
Today was a cheap day-
it didn’t make cents.

Today was a strange one,
like a duck out of row.
It mixed all my metaphors.
It rained on my snow.

Today smelled so strangely,
like rancid red wine.
It turned normal moonlight
into feisty moonshine.

It made tiny puppies
cry out with joy,
by crumbling my sanity
into a chew toy.

Today was an odd thing,
like a folk-singing flea–
But it evened my life up,
so it didn’t bug me.

Illustrations from the Nuremberg Chronicle, by Hartmann Schedel (1440-1514)

Illustrations from the Nuremberg Chronicle, by Hartmann Schedel (1440-1514)


I’m sort of fond of the days that don’t even make enough sense to pull a story from them. What about you? Do you like your days of the normal persuasion, or do you like them all wonky?

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82 thoughts on “I like weird days.

  1. Geesh, Rara, you’re good at everything! Luvverly Pwem. I don’t know what rancid red wine smells like, though- I never leave the stuff to go off :-) I never get days “of a normal persuasion” – they’re always wonky, just like me. Wouldn’t have life any other way!

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    • Aw, thanks MM. :D I lived on a vineyard so unfortunately I know what all types of bad wines smell like. :D I’m with you… wonky days are the way to go… even though they’re awfully hard to explain to someone else, haha! :D

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  2. Loved it <3 I smiled all the way through, Rara. I get enough wonky days to feel like wonky is the normal persuasion, so I don't mind them. But sometimes, no wonkiness is aaall goodness

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  3. Love your poetry! I have three little humans that run my life. I find it impossible to have ordinary or average days because I am not in control. Even when I pretend that I am. They own me, and they are crazy.

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  4. E. says:

    Lovely lovely poem!
    Most of my days are tragically normal — the occasional hour of weirdness is always appreciated, although those are few and far between.

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  5. This reminds me of something my friend Abshir would write, I called him the phantom. He writes both poems and stories with his own loose repatriations and something I refer to as a “personal logic” and they are just as elegant and mystifying with wonderful gens out routine that aren’t always readily apparent.


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  6. what a pp said about small humans running the show? yeah, that is my life too :) i’d love for things to go smooth (like buttah), but they keep me on my toes. the four legged kids do too :)

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    • Oh those little people. :) My four-legged ones cause all sorts of mischief and were responsible for much of the wonkiness yesterday (and this morning!) which is probably why it went over so well. Today, my little Flash broke a glass and then got stuck in my batman t-shirt trying to run away from the mess. *sigh* I guess there are worse things than being woken up at 6am… I just can never seem to think of them at 6am. :)

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  7. When I was young, I was up for anything, anytime. These days not so much. I need order, a schedule, a need to know when, why and how. Once in a while I find the old me, so long as nothing pressing is holding me back and I drop everything to do something out of the ordinary. Thanks for the reminder to drop everything.

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  8. It is an interesting place we sometimes find ourselves in, where our days are days like any other and we’d love something to mix it up abit. Most of my days follow a routine but within that routine is a never ending sense of excitement as I work with children and you never know what is going to happen next, especially when we play theatre sports.

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    • Oh yes, with sports and children, there’s always little flairs of the unexpected! I often try to explain to people that I’m not a fan of surprises, but I love the unexpected. It’s a nuance, really, since I live an orderly routined life – but I like that life to be sparkly and spicy! Thank you for reading. :D

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  9. I keep asking the universe to send me normal days… and the universe keeps throwing me curves. I think that just means, what I’m getting is normal and I should get used to it. ;-)
    Not that I’m really complaining, because you know, adventure abounds.

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  10. “Pennies and dollars.
    Dollars and sense.
    Today was a cheap day-
    it didn’t make cents.”

    My Lord, you’re brilliant, Rara.
    Seriously this was “Alice in Wonderland revisited” for our generation.
    Awesome work!

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