I cannot write a post today.

I now have some sort of stomach bug and haven’t been able to hold down food all day. I even left work, which is an oddity for me. I love my job and boss– and pride myself on a near perfect attendance through everything school and work related.

Since I have short bursts of coherency and since it seems to be one thing after another lately, I think I’m going to try some micro-esque blogging and perhaps post multiple times throughout the day just to keep the light in my mind turned on.

Rest is nice, but – oh, it’s weary.

In the meantime, here’s a post about blogging excuses, inspired by “Sick”, one of my favorite poems by Shel Silverstein.

“I cannot write a post today,”
said Mrs. Rara Queen.

“I have the cold,
my computer’s old.
I cannot see my screen.

I think my eyes are shrinking.
My feet feel awfully round.

The clouds are raining,
the sink ain’t draining:
my dishware nearly drowned.

I cannot write a post right now:
I’m busy here in bed.

I’m brewing tea,
I bruised my knee,
I’m working in my head.

Yesterday, I ate too much;
Today, I ate too little.

My theme needs changing,
my widgets, arranging…
My blog looks like a Skittle.

No I cannot write a post today–
I cannot find my roar.

I left it there,
I lost it here.
Have you seen Rarasaur?”


How’s your attendance record?  What’s the average length of one of your posts?

* Featured picture of the RAWR banner comes from HolidaySnobs dino-theme party.

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    1. :) Thanks, Sahm. *hugs* I got an award for perfect attendance, early in school, with a gold star for every day I attended. I think that accounts for most of my dedication to perfect attendance– I see it as gold stars. :)

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  1. Oh dear…is Rarasaur lost? She can’t be!
    Maybe she just needed some time to chill and do some other stuff that will bring back the rawr in her?
    Get better soon and take care of that knee!
    My attendance records are usually quite deplorable…but I manage..hehe.

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    1. :) Nah, I’m alright. It just seems like it’s been one thing after another since November. I’m all excited to start my new projects and rawr to the world about them… but unfortunately I have to focus on fixing bruises and finding a way to eat. No fun at all. I like stomping, rawring, and glittering things MUCH better than “taking it easy”. :D

      I think poor attendance is quite normal. I’ve had more than one boss and teacher be weirded out by my regularly and timely appearances. :)

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        1. Haha, I stink at it! I feel so lazy the last few weeks because I’d have to spend so much time recovering that I couldn’t do anything I wanted to do. Sleep is soooo boring. :)

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          1. oh nooooooooooo…sleep is WONDERFUL!!! You go to dreamland…you can travel to different dimensions…you can get stuff done on different planes….it’s awesome!!

            Of course at times it’s always better to get things done on this plane and dimension..but ya know…;) (or maybe not..hehe…they need to come out with an energizer dino !)

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  2. hmm right here it seems – you ain’t lost just a little befuddled at the moment – and many have experienced that crisis – hang in there girl (hugs)

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    1. I had a feeling you’d agree with that, Marilyn! :) People keep telling me to rest up, but I swear the “resting” is harder on my nerves than the being sick. :) Miss you, too!

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  3. Poor Rara. Go away mean bug! Even in your illness you wrote an amazing poem. I’m still managing to blog daily but yesterday I blogged with a bad headache and it shows. I forgot the points I wanted to make. Average post is usually 5 – 600 words .

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  4. That was great! Interestingly my Spider Army poem post was compared to Shel Silverstein in one of the comments. Embarrassingly I had to Google him.
    My attendance record at my current job (just over 10 years) is 100%! How about that then :-)
    I hope you feel better soon, being ill is rubbish :-(

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  5. Best wishes to feeling better soon and getting your rawr back. Poor attendance here, usually due to illness, but haven’t worked in several years. My posts dance around 400-600, but sometimes goes well beyond.

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  6. I’ve always been one of those who have all their little golden stars in place, so it disgusts me when I can’t keep things juggling. I hope you get better dear girl! You seem to be under the influence of a lack of sunshine….too much winter this old Shatsu Diagnotician would say. You need to build up your fire perhaps ;-) Anyway…when I studied Shatsu, our master Ohashi also said that being ill forced us to take care of ourselves…another thing to keep in mind!

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  7. I got the stomach thing this week – thought it might be food poisoning, but, thankfully it wasn’t. Lasted from about 3:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. – sorry, Rara. It’s no fun. Between Showers & Stomachs, you deserve some Rarafun.

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    1. Mine went on for 40 hours ish, but it seems to be better now even though I’m playing it cautiously. :) I know. I’m bummed about all this down time. Rara’s need rawr-time! :)

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  8. Aww feel better soon Rara! The Rawr needs some rest. :) I’ve been ill myself lately and it messed up my entire schedule. It’s time for rest and some pondering/re-organiztion so I can start 2014 with a fresh mind!


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  9. why i couldn’t post for years. exhasted by 7::30 am LOL
    Just say NO to pants! By Sherry Carroll ( already published, so please credit ME)
    Jamie decided at breakfast her plan for the day.
    NO pants for me mommy!, at least not today! The pants are too tighty. And don’t feel just righty . maybe just this once could i go in to school in my nighty?
    No pants no more NEVER ive made up my mind. Im so sick of pants pants pants ALL OF THE TIME !
    kitty said they aren’t pretty. and they are dirty. And they are smelly. Someone spilled the jelly! I will look like a boy, and I have no boy toys. My socks will be tall! Do you want them to fall? Don’t you care about me and my feelings at all?
    No Pants for me , ive made up my mind. Im so sick of pants, pants , pants! ALL of the time!
    Look, The color is ugly. and they aren’t nice and snuggly . they don’t fit my bottom ! and I think they look rotten!
    With them on my knees cant hear the bees, and worst of all, my butt cant feel the breeze, they gave me a cold! Do you want me to sneeze? And I heard that they just might be covered in fleas! What do you say? Cmon, Mommy please?
    My undies are cozy, my undies are cool! I will just wear underpants when I go to school!
    No Pants for me , ive made up my mind. Im so sick of pants, pants , pants! ALL of the time!
    The people will stare , youll have too much fresh air! The teacher will faint, it will be hard to paint. You might get a germ! Or sit on a worm! The bus seat will be freezing! and then you will squirm.
    The snack might be crumbly, it will make your feet stumbly. Your toes will feel boney, your shoes will be lonely, everyone will tease and make fun of YOU only!
    Ok just this once you can wear your best dress, just LEAVE ME ALONE! And shut up! And for gods sake, don’t make a mess!
    Sigh, Maybe once in a awhile, I should just say YES!

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