rarasaur, wonder woman, frightfully wondrous, christmas,


rarasaur, wonder woman, frightfully wondrous, christmas,

I put antlers on Wonder Woman just for you and am sending you Christmas wishes that will magically translate into any sort of holiday message you want.  It’s a wondrous season!

Also, I made a wish that Wonder Woman would lend her Invisible Jetplane to one of my friends– so keep checking outside for invisible things. It just might be there.



Where would you go in an Invisible Jet?

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  1. What a lovely idea you think she’ll make it down to Australia?
    My best wishes to you too.
    I do enjoy your blog and will try and be more vigilant in the new year.

    Have a great Christmas, i hope WW stops by you. Michael.

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  2. Wherever I went, I would only go at night, and dressed in black. .

    I need to read up on WW, but why was it a jet? Why did she need something that big? Wouldn’t an invisible helicopter have been more practical?

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      1. You could be right! I was in moms bedroom not long ago snooping – I mean visiting – which I don’t do often. I found her costume! I blogged about it not too long ago. I couldn’t believe it! XOXO – Bacon

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  3. I love Wonder Woman, but I’d rather be Batman. Not Bat Girl. Not Cat Woman. Batman. And he has a Bat Plane! I would fly either one to the same places I’d fly in a visible jet: Paris, Scottish Highlands, China. But it would be better because I wouldn’t have to take off my shoes and all that fallderall.

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    1. :D Hurrah for fabulous and weird. I love that you’re looking out for your neighbor’s wife. :)

      I’m feeling better than I was– and though not up to 100% yet– I’m at least able to guess that I’ll be up to full speed soon. :) Thank you for asking! hugs

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  4. I loved watching Wonder Woman when I was younger, but when I saw her flying the plane I thought … dude I can’t see the plane but I can still totally see her. It would trip me out.

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    1. Lynda Carter = Wonder Woman = amaaazing. Absolutely. From certain angles– especially with her skin tone and type of hair– she used to remind me of my mama– yet another super woman. :) Glad you enjoyed the card! I hope you enjoy the invisible plane, too. ;)

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    1. Oh no! I hope your hubby is okay! My hand is doing better-ish. Honestly, I feel a little wrecked, ha– I have bruises and cuts and swelling all over, from various escapades. Plus, I’ve barely eaten a day’s worth of calories in the last 5 days combined… so I’m looking forward to getting my head on straight and healing up to 100%! I am feeling emotionally bright and sparkly, though, and I think that’ll expedite the healing process significantly. :D

      Thank you for asking… and Merry Christmas!!

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      1. He smashed his elbow pretty good. I haven’t seen him today yet but it looked like a balloon last night. Thank God it wasn’t his head or back!

        Oh Rara sorry you’re still not feeling the best physically. How come you’re not eating? Did you break your hand? Take care of you!! Glad you’re in good spirits. xo

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  5. I don’t like to fly in a plane with sides on it, why would I want to fly in an invisible plane? Unless there were some kind of magic move from here to there in just a second, no thanks!

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