welcome home,

This owl is only concerned with real lollipops.

It’s just one more impossible lollipop you ate before breakfast.  No one is counting how many licks you took.  No one is regulating at all. No one is watching.  No one can see how many tears you’ve shed while typing, so type freely.  Cry freely.  Do all things freely because you are free.
This is Not a Test (On Returning to Blogging)


And then he died.  Without explanation.   Without her.   Suddenly.  While she was away.  Today, she whispers their story to Kuan Yin, the one who hears the weeping of the world, so  her loss can live loudly somewhere, while it sits quietly tucked away in her heart.  She continues toward their Tomorrow… without him.
#ALoveStory (On Cause of Death)


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