To November!

To Survivors of November Challenges, Personal or Otherwise:

For most people, this day has rolled around with nary a whimper– but for those who took on a November challenge, it’s a big day.  The official day of survival.

I just wanted to quickly say:

I’m proud of you.

Taking on any challenge for 30 days straight can be mind-numbingly exhausting, and whether or not you met your goal or  all 30 days of the challenge or reached 50,000 words– you did it.  You took a great big bite of the fiery season and you lived to tell the tale.

If you checked off every goal item on your list, even better.  You are a double super star.

+ + +

To me, as a reminder:

Hey, me!  Goal-wise, we didn’t really hit our mark, did we?  I know we usually post once or more a day, but our goal was to try to comment more and to use motivating the Poblanos as a much-needed push to do so.  We started strong, but tapered off toward the end– even though we were still reading.  I hope we didn’t let my tiny peppers, rowmies, or column-mates down too much!  Hopefully they won’t mind me playing catch up like a crazy woman.

A crazy woman who talks to herself.

On the bright side, we met many a new friend, didn’t we?  I hope that this goal of learning to comment regularly will follow me into next year and be absolutely trampled with success.

I am filled with all sorts of motivation right now.  There are posts I want to write, and goals I want to set, and comments that I need to get back to now that my brain is all the way on again.

Rawr on!

+ + +

To my readers:

Thank you for the loving support.   I have been hearing all around the ‘sphere how Rarasaur readers brought the numbers, the support, and the love.  I knew I could count on y’all.

I hope all this blogging has inspired you and led you to brilliantly spicy new friends.

+ + +

To YeahWrite:

Thank you– to the whole Yeah Write team.  Without you, all of us would have lost our mind.  105 people linked up on the grid, and put in an amazing amount of community effort:

And thank you for the badge. It’s gooorgeous!

YeahWrite made this badge for winners.  It's awesome! Get yours here:

YeahWrite made this badge for winners. It’s awesome! Get yours here:

+ +  +

To my dear and spicy Poblanos:

You are fantastic.  I’ve been honored this month to be on a team of such delightful, varied, talented, honest authors.  Every day, y’all have surprised me, awed me, moved me, and tugged my heart strings.  Thank you for your efforts.  Your successes, advice, humor, poetry, and friendship spiced up the ‘sphere!

I’m happy to make you a badge that you love, with whatever words on it you want.  You have certainly earned a personalized one.  For me, I thought the look that summed it up best was something a la Scout troop survival skills.

Feel free to nab it if you want it. :)

Feel free to nab it if you want it. :)


Now that my attention is brightly focused again, what did I miss? Did any big stuff happen for you in November? Or any important small stuff?  How did November treat you?

Also, I’m on 8 followers away from a nicely rounded 500 followers on Twitter.  If we haven’t connected there yet, come on by and tweet with me.


  1. Dear Rara, you always make me laugh. Now, come quickly to me and comment! …Seriously, your encouragement to all of us, whether pablomos or not, helps shove just that bit of energy into our blood stream from the toes upwards. You have made me love saurs.

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  2. Well done to all who took part and especially to you, Rara, for being such a positive driving force!
    I wasn’t one of the participants as I am a lazy-bones and stress-averse. Maybe next year :-)

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    1. :D Yes, definitely join us next year! I won’t lie, it’s equal parts stressful and gratifying… but the gratifying goes along with new and awesome friends, so I think that puts it ahead. :) Thank you for reading along with our adventures, Drali!

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  3. My November was all about the STUDY – I had a case study that had to be submitted by 18th Nov and then tomorrow 2nd Dec I sit the exam for the same course!!!! So I have NO IDEA what has happened in the world for the last month, one more day and then I get my life back again! woohoo!

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  4. Great wrap-up post, my dinorific friend!
    Speaking of how awesome you are… if you have the time after you’ve decompressed, would you be interested in taking part in my new blog feature, 5×5 With The Hook?
    I’ve cast a wide net, so you could take your time answering your 5 queries. Just let me know if you’re interested and I’ll shoot an e-mail over to you. I’m not sure if we’ve connected digitally before beyond out blogs, but that’s easily worked out.
    Talk to you soon.

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  5. Thanks for the fun badge, Rara. I couldn’t quite get it to work, using the link and putting it into an image widget, so I’m a bit stuck but I’m sure I’ll get there. Frustrating stuff! At any rate, it’s been great Nano Poblano’ing it with you and hopefully we can do something even more “frightfully wondrous” next year! :D

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    1. :) Just email me if you’re still stuck and I’ll send screenshots or something. :) And yayyy, I’m looking forward to gathering as many veteran peppers together next year, too! :)

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  6. I’ve always wanted to blog daily… I’ve never gotten through it yet. But December is a new month!! I wish I had found your blog BEFORE the beginning of November or I would have joined you!

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    1. Aww! Well, there’s next year, or Blog Every Damn Day December (see above comments), though I won’t be participating in that one– I’ll be reading. :D Either way, you can definitely expect me to cajole you next November, ha! :)

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  7. Yay! I loved writing everyday but towards the last ten days, just like you said; the reading blogs and commenting just overwhelmed me too. I feel like I could have been out for a walk in the blogostreet a little more often.

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    1. Blogostreet– I like that phrasing, ha! :) I’m planning to taking some extra time to tend the streets this December. The ‘sphere slows down around now anyway, so I might actually be able to catch up! :) Thank you for your participation! You were an awesome addition to the peppers!

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  8. I have done NaNoWriMo this year and got my 50k words in a few days early! I think anyone who can post every day for a month is awesome. I did it once when I was first starting out so I know how hard it is.

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  9. Where did the picture of poblanos go? It’s in my feed reader cache, but I can’t find it in the post. I was getting all hungry and stuff (although my stomach, with its acid reflux is saying NO NO but my mouth still says YES YES)

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  10. I am having a problem with disappearing comments, both on my own and other peoples’ blogs. I KNOW I commented because I came and took the badge … Well, it was a month to remember eh? Pneumonia? Crises galore? And yet, we made it. I’m trying to blog less. Hmm. A different kind of problem. Thanks for all the support and the cool badge.

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    1. :) Thanks for being a Poblano, Marilyn! It was great having you on the team. Congrats especially for blogging through the illness! Blog less? Interesting! Can I ask why? :) Thanks again!

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  11. I really think that anyone who was crazy enough to sign up for it deserves a badge too…even if it was blogging a day for a week or two…or just missing out on a few days!

    Congratulations to you too…if I remember correctly you have like over 1000 blogs you you know…wanting to comment on each one for the month…yea, you deserve a badge for even wanting to set that as your goal :P

    I’m glad I joined in. It was fun and I’ve met a few bloggers which I wouldn’t have had otherwise and enjoyed their writing. Not too sure about the bringing in the numbers…but I’m glad this experience has taught me or sort of showed me that I’ve sort of gone beyond my own self obsession with it compared to before…:)

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    1. I absolutely agree. EVERY pepper is welcome to the badge, and if they’re uncomfortable with the 30 days tagging, I’m happy to change it to whatever they’d like it to say. :D It’s why I made it “Survivor” — we all survived it, ha! :D

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  12. Well done surviving to the end of November. It’s been a crazy busy month for me. New shop, working 7 days a week. Blogging took a bit of a back seat but I just can’t stay away from it. Major goal – find a way to keep business going and keep up with the blog. Hopefully I’ll get used to the new routine soon.

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