An Update by Grayson

On May 4th we received an email from her lawyer telling us that the DA was going forward with the case against her, there was a warrant out for her arrest.  After conferring with the lawyer, Rara surrendered herself to the police on May 6th.  She is currently in custody at the Orange County Jail with her bail set at $275,000.  Her next scheduled court date is May 23rd.  Up until this morning I’d had no contact and had no idea what was happening

The not knowing was brutal.  I paced, but there was no room to pace.  I over thought, driving myself crazy.  I can see my cats on the edge of their own break down.  They’re waiting for her to come home.

In front of me I have a sheet of paper thumb tacked to the wall.  I’ve written down a list of the things I need to do.  There is also a few reminders; a few tips and tricks to keep the depression from swallowing me whole.  And I’ve had to write down my new rule:  Double check all decisions, you may not be thinking logically.  Because I know from the past that panic, fear, anxiety and depression can muddle the mind.  The craziest things can start to make sense.

If you follow any of mine, or our mutual social medias, you might have seen me working.  Trying to keep myself busy and productive.  Although I fear I may have lost/overlooked some of your emails/comments; I apologize.

There have been so many people showing their support for us, I can’t begin to express my appreciation.  But one major consensus amongst you is that there just aren’t any word.  I certainly understand that feeling.  I don’t want anyone to feel badly if they can’t find anything to say.  In fact I don’t want anyone to feel badly about anything.  Enjoy the weather, a good meal, laugh at a joke, watch your favorite TV show and live; it in no way diminishes what is happening here.

Rara says the jail isn’t as bad as she was expecting.  The food however is inedible, consisting mainly of beef and sugary products.  And inside, there’s a culture of not complaining or asking questions.  She can however purchase food alternatives using an account.  Through that she has to also buy all her hygiene products.  She has one bunkmate, a pregnant woman and they are both locked in their cell for 22 hours a day.  Mostly she’s bored, but she can receive mail.  Simple letters only, with nothing in them (and they’ll be read by the guards).  If you like you can mail them here: (booking number has been fixed)

Radhika Jaini booking number 2824827

Orange County Sheriff’s Department

550 N. Flower St.
Santa Ana, Ca. 92703

Hopefully the future finds us less daunted, and the past becomes far away.  Thank you everyone for your support.


  1. Thank you Grayson, you are right there are no words, that will console you or take the torment away that you are experiencing. As daydreams has said pull strength when needed from your family on WP and anyone else that can provide comfort. You are not alone and either is a beautiful Rara – thoughts and hugs from across the seas.

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  2. Thanks Grayson,
    I will pick her up a card tomorrow and send it to her.
    Plus keep your eyes open for a gift package coming for the kitties from my kitties in the next few weeks.
    Stay strong and don’t let that depression monster in.


  3. Thank you for the update, Grayson. We’re here to help all we can, any way we can. Hopefully Rara gets lots of letters to keep boredom at bay.
    Love to you both.

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  4. Thank you for the update, Grayson. The tragic irony is not lost on any of us that none of us can find the right words for two people to whom words mean everything. We will keep trying. You two do the same. Much love to you both…

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  5. So very sorry. It makes no sense to me that someone who has such inner light that it can shine through bits of data thousands of miles away can be put through such horrible circumstances. I wish you peace and courage.

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  6. Thank you for taking the time to update all of us, and take care of yourself! Also don’t accept all these virtual hugs you are getting at once, I fear you’d be smothered in love, might be best to spread ’em out a bit!
    *hugs* :)

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  7. Wow, I had no idea. The whole idea makes me angry at the injustice, but I understand how tiring it is to fight Goliath in a legal battle, especially when Goliath has the money.
    I am wishing the best for her and you. She’s only 40 minutes away from me…

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    1. I am quite sad to hear about this, I loved reading her posts and well, i will also try to write to her and cheer her up all the way from India and pray her time away is not too tough. My prayers are with her.

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